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Monday, October 29, 2012

Cool CMD Hacks

Looking for cool CMD hacks? Here are top cool CMD hacks that are easy to learn but they can be very useful.

1)CMD Hacks : Change CMD Title

Here is simple hack that will change cmd title . Just run -> cmd and type :
title your Custom Message
Here your Custom Message indicates any message. Then hit Enter check out the title bar of the command window.

2) CMD Hacks : Get Installed Driver Information

In cmd window type
and hit enter
driver hacks
It can be very useful when troubleshooting to know what drivers are installed on a system. This command will give you a complete listing of the drivers and when they were installed.

3) CMD Hacks: To Know What Is Running On Your System

and hit enter
cmd hacks for tasklists

4) CMD Hacks: Change Windows Password

Run Command Prompt (cmd) as administrator , right click on cmd.exe and click on Run As Administrator
cmd hacks to run as administrator
net user {username} *
net user hacks

5) CMD Hacks: Shutdown Command

CMD offers shutdown command that will shutdown , restart or log off your computer after certain seconds
shutdown -s -t 50 – command will shutdown your pc after 50 seconds
shutdown -l -t 50 – command will log off your pc after 50 seconds
shutdown -r -t 50 – command will restart your pc after 50 seconds
shutdown -a – command will abort all shutdown operations

6) CMD Hacks : Tree

type Tree C: (Or any other directory) and see what will happen ; looks cool!

7) CMD Hacks : Create Own CMD

If CMD is blocked, you will need to find another way to get to cmd. Just open notepad and type
@echo off
and save as {filename} . bat
cmd hack to create cmd

8) CMD Hacks: Access Blocked Website

ping hackspc.com
Now, just copy the ip address (In this case with hackspc.com, it’s and paste it into your web browser preceded by and you should bypass the blocker!